Consulting Services


Imagine the power of a large group of people with a common purpose — creating a better educational environment for your students. This is Career Analysis Organization.  Every day, our team works with you to build a better educational environment for your students to succeed in.

We'll start with a strategic analysis, by getting to know your school by observing your current process and listening to your concerns.  Our tailored solutions will help you meet the challenges and opportunities that impact your students daily.

We bring a global perspective along with in-depth knowledge of local, state and US educational practices.  Our international team has a varied background with an emphasis on education and goal setting not only for each student but each teacher and school.  We help resolve complex issues and identify opportunities as well as implement programs. 

Our reputation supersedes us in building stonger schools and making a difference in each student.  We focus on delivering value in all we do. Let us apply our world-class capabilities and help improve your educational environment.