How can I learn more about the CAOA CAREER EXPLORATION CAMP?

Send an e-mail to or call (866) 700-8013.

Teachers and Staff

Who teaches the Career Analysis program?

Career Analysis instructors are qualified educators in your local area who are selected for their abilities to excite and motivate children and their enthusiasm for their future.

What will my student do at the CAOA CAREER EXPLORATION CAMP?

In each class, students learn important life skills: money management, business etiquette, business ethics, and career exploration. Students must implement what they have learned into real day to day scenarios by opening a checking and saving account, taking control of paying their auto insurance, going through a real live job interview, having an opportunity to pursue an internship. Through this program students get excited about taking classes because they know it is the path to their future career.  We do have 2 field trips 1) Professional Luncheon 2) Bank Tour

After Registration

Do you ever cancel programs?

We do everything possible to see that a program takes place.  If for any reason we have to cancel a program, you will have the option to receive a full refund or we can place your student in another program.  When and if a program cancels, we notify each participant as soon as possible.

What do students need to bring to the program?

All materials are provided.


Are scholarships available for CAOA Programs?

Scholarships are provided on a financial need basis in many areas supported by our Kids Against Poverty community fundraising efforts. 

Contact (866) 700-8013 for more information.


Can I donate tuition for a student?

Yes! There are many children who are supported by donors like you! Click here to donate!