About Us

Career Analysis Organization of America (CAOA) is a Catholic based nonprofit organization that was founded in 2008. The year marked one of America’s largest economic downturns. America's entire financial sector was going bankrupt, and economic scholars cited lack of financial education among the people of our country as a key factor. Americans were accumulating credit card debt, taking out high interest rate loans, and depending on jobs that would eventually cease to exist.

Students are graduating our high schools without the proper information and education about their next step.  They are applying for student loans without the proper guidance and financial education to make those informed decisions.  To prevent this from continuing Career Analysis Organization of America is partnering with schools and school districts that are innovative and are willing to take the initiative to make a positive impact for the students in the communities they serve.

The high caliber co-curricular programs through CAOA help bridge the gap between high school, college and the real world. This is accomplished by providing students with education and an opportunity to discern about different vocations, professional and personal developmental through our work ethics certification, and hands-on personal finance. As a member of the National Career Development Association CAOA has been nominated for the 2011 Pepsi Refresh Project, 2012 Chicago Innovation Award, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce 2018 IMPACT Award and recevied the Business and Education Partner  Award from the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce.

We look forward to helping your students and your schools in your community!